Our butters not only MOISTURIZE, but

Here at Body Polished we have formulated our very own moisturizer. Our Moisturizers are rich in Vitamins A, E and F as well as antioxidants. Our moisturizers not only moisturize but help and aide in fighting off free radicals found in our everyday environment.

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    All Orders Are Final!!!!

    Due to our products being self care/ hygiene products. We do not accept exchanges or returns.

    If your product is received broken, empty or unusable due to our doing / mishandling. We will ship you a new product at no cost after verification of order and delivery.
    Once order has been received customer has 24 hours (1 day) to send an email containing date ordered, order number, date received and picture showing proof of unusable item.

  • Shipping

    Once packaged items are sent to courier facility to be delivered. Total packing and shipping time is 3 to 7 working business days. Working business days do not include Saturday and Sunday.

    ✨Please do not let packages sit outside or in mailboxes once the product has been delivered. ✨


  • What we do

    Here at Body Polished we strive and stand on providing a constantly satisfying product every time. Our products are an outward expression of beauty, love and luxury. We hope that our products not only make your skin feel good but makes you feel good inside and out.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Body Polished?

We are an outward expression of love, beauty and luxry. Conved through our skin care prodeucts with not only moisturizing but self care in mind as well.

Wrong Address

We do not offer refunds for items delivered to incorrect addresses.

During check out evaluate and confirm that all information is correct before checking out and paying for your items.

We do not offer refunds for items delivered to incorrect addresses. 

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